Trypophobia and anxiety can sign the anxiety disorders. Fear and anxiety have always existed and they are an important part of human existence.

Normal fears and anxieties helps us to avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations , and therefore have a " signal " or " alarm " or " adaptive " ( adaptive ) function.

Fear is always tied to a specific object and situation, and trypophobia is vague emotional experience . The anxiety is what threatens the less obvious , it is unclear , so we are talking about the " fear of floating " .

When fear and trypophobia begin to dominate and manage one's life, when they disturb the family , social and business life , then we talk about trypophobia disorders .


Psychological symptoms of trypophobia  re excessive fearfulness and anxiety , a feeling of inner tension or unrest , weakened concentration , irritability , increased sensitivity to noise , sleep disturbances (difficulty falling asleep , waking up frequently during the night , bad dreams ) , impaired memory , often weakened attention and concentration.

Physical symptoms of trypophobia  re palpitations or skipping heartbeat, breathlessness or shortness of breath , a feeling of constriction in the chest , dry mouth , difficulty swallowing, discomfort in the abdomen , bloating , frequent urination , low desire , tinnitus , feeling dizziness , tingling in hands and feet , trembling hands .

Symptoms of trypophobia  ppear to be in a group of disorders called anxiety disorders , among which include generalized anxiety disorder , panic disorder , posttraumatic stress disorder , and others.

The main feature of generalized anxiety disorder excessive anxiety ( anxiety ) and anxiety ( fear , fearful anticipation ) in connection with various events and activities that occur on most days for at least 6 months. People can hardly control concerns.

With anxiety and concern arises and restlessness , rapid fatigue , difficulty concentrating , irritability, muscle tension , disturbed sleep . The intensity , duration, frequency of anxiety and worry are exaggerated due to the current situation .

Adults with this disorder often worry about everyday life , about the responsibilities in the workplace, finances , health, family, accidents that can happen to children . Vague fear completely overwhelming suffering and makes them completely paralyzed , helpless and insecure . Simple or specific phobia is lasting and unreasonable fear caused by the presence or imagining a specific object or situation that does not pose a real danger . Exposure to the object or situation leads to immediate reaction in terms of a high degree of anxiety or to avoid the object or situation. Symptoms associated with phobia or model avoidant behaviors related to specific objects or situations can to a significant extent affect the ability to function . Adults with a specific phobia recognize that the fear is excessive or unreasonable , but nevertheless can not be resisted.
Person feels fear when arriving in a particular situation that color. Expressed as physical symptoms , which are amplified : palms sweating , redness of the face, palpitations , chest pain , one has the feeling that there is no air ( a feeling that will suffocate ) , shaking hands and legs , tremors vote.
Of animal phobias - fear of certain animals , eg: snakes , spiders , birds , mice , rats . It is the most common specific phobias .
Phobia of natural phenomena - earthquakes, floods , lightning , hail ..
Phobia of blood and injuries - including fear of the sight of blood, blood tests, the infection .. injuries : a person is afraid to get hurt , bleed ..
Situational phobias - including a fear of specific situations , such as fear of flying , driving a car , fear of elevators , fear of enclosed spaces .
Other phobias - fear of falling , loud noises , fear of costumed characters ( such as clowns ) .
Examples are dentofobija ( fear of dentists ) , claustrophobia ( of enclosed spaces ) , agoraphobia ( of open spaces ) , acrophobia ( the height ) . Fears are one of the biggest factors that determine human behavior . Evolutionary were very useful for the human species , and still are, although sometimes these can be very counterproductive.
phobias , fears, spider
trypophobia (fear of holes)
What is a phobia ?
A phobia is a lasting , intense and irrational fear of certain situations, activities , things , animals or people . The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid the stimulus from which fears . When fear is out of control and when difficult daily life can make a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders. Phobias are the most common mental disorders , and it is estimated that approximately every tenth person has a phobia .

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